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A Reminder

edk on 2016-07-18

Hi all,

In the dis­tant past, freen­ode fair­ly fre­quent­ly sent /wal­lops about news of con­fer­ences, re­leas­es or any­thing else that might be of in­ter­est to the FOSS com­mu­ni­ty. We'd quite like to do more of that, so… if you know of any­thing that might fit the bill, please drop the com­mu­ni­ty team a line at groups@freenode.net or mes­sage me (my nick­name is e) on IRC (even if the project in ques­tion is­n't (yet) reg­is­tered with freen­ode).

We'd also like to fea­ture a bit more FOSS news on our blog, so if you're itch­ing to write a guest post for us, I'd love to hear about that as well.

Thanks for us­ing freen­ode! :)