Over the last ten years a lot of incredible people, projects and corporations have provided both time and resources to freenode, not only in getting the network up and running but also to ensure that it continuously grows and improves. We'd like to express thanks to those who have contributed to freenode. We'd also like to thank the support volunteers that help oil the wheels during the day-to-day operations of the network.

While they may not always be visible to our userbase, we would like to send massive thanks to the groups and organizations whose logos appear below. While they've not given us direct financial support, they've provided significant resources, be it by pointing their domains to us, providing regional servers or otherwise assisting us. We really appreciate your help, without which we'd be nowhere near where we are today. Thank you; your continued support is invaluable to us!

If you don't see your logo on this page, and you should, please email us at support at freenode dot net and we'll be happy to add you to the page. Thank you for using freenode!

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