Bans, quiets and invite and ban exemptions conventionally accept the format [email protected]. On freenode another syntax, known as "extban", is accepted. These entries have the general format $X or $X:data. Optionally, they can be negated with a tilde (~) before the character: for example, $~a matches every user that is not identified to services.

Available extban types

Type (name) Description
(account name)
Match users identified to the account specified in the parameter. Accepts wildcards; an empty $a matches any logged-in user.
(cannot join other channel)
Takes an exact channel name (no wildcards or globbing) as its parameter and matches any user who is banned from that channel. Due to caching by the server, a change to the target channel's ban list may not immediately affect a user's ability to send to the channel using $j.
Matches on a client's ircname, or gecos. The parameter accepts wildcards. For example: /mode #channel +b $r:Foo* will ban any user whose gecos begins with "Foo".
(full match)
Takes a parameter that is matched against a client's full [email protected]#gecos. The parameter accepts wildcards. For example, /mode #channel +b $x:*#Foo* will ban any user whose gecos begins with Foo, or whose gecos contains "#Foo".
(connected securely)
Accepts no parameters. Matches users who are connected via SSL/TLS.