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25 years ago—On the 6'th of Au­gust 1991—the world's first web­site went live, and it's still there.

In oth­er words, the world wide web is cel­e­brat­ing sil­ver ju­bilee to­day.

Imag­ine where we would've been with­out it. Would your project ex­ist? Would freen­ode ex­ist?

On be­half of freen­ode, I'd like to give all our spon­sors a big shoutout, for mak­ing freen­ode pos­si­ble—read more about who they are on our ac­knowl­edge­ments page.

And last­ly we would like to thank you, the peo­ple that use freen­ode, the peo­ple who use freen­ode for your projects, the peo­ple that con­tribute to keep­ing the in­ter­net full of Free and Open Source Soft­ware. You are a part of what took the in­ter­net this far and a part of what keep it, and a lot of oth­er tech re­lat­ed things, evolv­ing.

Stay with us, it's freen­ode's porce­lain ju­bilee this year, keep chat­ting, keep the in­ter­net open.