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freenode Community Team

Swant on 2016-10-18


You might not be aware that freen­ode has a ded­i­cat­ed com­mu­ni­ty team and that we would be de­light­ed to help your projects get the most from freen­ode. The freen­ode com­mu­ni­ty team con­sists of chris­tel, edk, Jonat­hanD, mquin, Myrt­ti, nhan­dler, Swant and tomaw, and we would love to help you spread the word about re­leas­es and launch­es, con­fer­ences or events and any oth­er project mile­stones that may be of in­ter­est to our shared com­mu­ni­ties. We are hap­py to make an­nounce­ments on IRC, re­share your so­cial me­dia posts and we would love for you to guest au­thor or co-au­thor a blog post for the freen­ode web­site.

If you think this is some­thing that would be use­ful for your project, please do not hes­i­tate to get in touch with us! You can find us in #freenode-community or drop us a line to community@freenode.net.

Make sure not to miss any in­ter­est­ing news by set­ting /umode +w (or /mode yournick +w).