Configuring Client SSL Certificates for KVIrc

  1. Click Settings, and then Configure KVIrc...
    KVIrc: Configure KVIrc

  2. Click to expand the Connection menu, and select Advanced...
    KVIrc: Connection Advanced

  3. In the advanced connection settings, enable the Use SSL certificate option and fill in the path to your certificate and password. Enable the Use SSL private key option, and fill in the same values for your certificate and password.

    If you did not use a passphrase for your certificate, leave the password fields blank.
    KVIrc: Use SSL certificate, private key

  4. Press OK to return back to the main KVIrc window.

  5. Click Settings and then Configure Servers...
    KVIrc: Configure Servers

  6. If you already have a freenode network defined, then select the server(s) in that network and skip to step 9. If you don't have a freenode network yet, anywhere in the Servers window that appears, right click and select New Network...
    KVIrc: New Network

  7. Enter a name (perhaps freenode)...
    KVIrc: Add freenode as network

  8. Right click on the network you just added and click New Server...
    KVIrc: Add server

  9. Enter (or as the server name, and then click Advanced...
    KVIrc: Open advanced settings

  10. In the Connection tab in the Server Details window, enter 6697 (or any of the listed SSL ports) for the port, then enable the "Use SSL protocol" checkbox.
    KVIrc: Connection Details

  11. Click OK until you have returned to the Servers window. Click Connect Now...
    KVIrc: Connect Now

  12. If everything was configured correctly, when you type /whois yournick you will see a line like:

    [00:01:01] yournick's info: has client certificate fingerprint f1ecf46714198533cda14cccc76e5d7114be4195

    You can tell NickServ to automatically identify based on this certificate fingerprint by doing:

    /msg nickserv CERT ADD

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