Configuring Client SSL Certificates for Quassel

These instructions are taken, with permission, from OFTC. Thanks!

  1. Copy the cert and key that you made into the ~/.config/ directory. Quassel will not use the PEM file. Make sure the filesystem permissions restrict read access for the files to just you.

    mv mynick.cert ~/.config/ mv mynick.key ~/.config/

  2. Click Settings and Configure Quassel. In the IRC section of settings, click Identities. Then click the Advanced tab.

    Quassel: Identities Advanced

  3. Under Use SSL Key, click the Load button and select mynick.key.

  4. Under Use SSL Certificate, click the Load button and select mynick.cert.

  5. Click OK to return to the main window and connect.

  6. Once connected, you can tell NickServ to automatically identify based on your certificate fingerprint by doing:

    /msg nickserv CERT ADD

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