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Welcome to #chanhelp!

Welcome to #ChanHelp. If you need assistance with registering a channel please ask in the channel and wait for a response. Someone will assist you when they can.

Channel Rules

  • Speak English
  • Just ask your question directly, and someone will help when they can
  • Do not PM without permission
  • No politics, religions, nazism, communism (this includes videos)
  • No spamming (websites, channels, or other IRC networks. There is a difference between spamming them and bringing them up in discussion).
  • Ask for your channel if you were previously a founder. See /msg ChanServ help for more information.
  • No outside bots
  • Channel operations and moderation of individual channels are the responsibility of those channels. (unless the user is ban evading)

Channel Forwarding

Do you need to forward a channel to another? To redirect people using a ban, simply:
/msg chanserv mode #channel-to-forward lock add +ntb *!*@*#channel-im-forwarding-to

Channel Takeover Policy

The channel takeover policy was created in cases where the founder of a channel has left for an extended period of time, so that one of said channel's staff may take ownership before the channel would have been dropped.

Issues with other users

If someone is breaking these rules or bothering you, and no channel operator is available, please use your clients /ignore command. To see how simply type /help ignore. If you feel that using ignore does not help or if you need assistance with anything else you can reach out to a staff member.


  • Network channels (e.g. #freenode, #chanhelp, #help) and staff channels cannot be claimed;
  • The network staff reserves the right to reject any claim;
  • Once the channel is claimed, the ex-founder will not be able to get it back without following the Channel takeover policy.