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Symbol Description
~ Unofficial Help
bold freenode/staff channels
Channel Average usercount Description Category
##hardware 100 No religion, politics, cryptocurrency talk, or unfair discrimination. Nvidia, Intel, AMD, ARM, Qualcomm and etc. are the main topics. General
##overflow 113 General
#android 105 Android 12 Beta is now available . Android 12 Android
#ansible 109 ansible
#archlinux 184 Unofficial archlinux community. Discussion and Support archlinux
#bash 122 Reference Manual: bash manual General
#bitcoin 177 Bitcoin Core 22.0: bitcoin core bitcoin
#DAO 44 freenode now belongs to you! Read the notice at freenode belongs to you General
#debian 164 Home of the freenode debian community General
#ChanHelp 25 freenode, Help with Channel registrations freenode support
#chat 82 Chat Welcome to #Chat. No Hate speech, keep political chat limited as to not cause arguments. Other rules are on the website. General
#docker 144 docker General
#freenode 455 freenode main channel General
#freenode-bnc 132 freenode BNC - (ssl) - use your NickServ nick:pass as your IRC freenode bnc
#garuda 100 Welcome to the official channel of Garuda Linux and the Chaotic-AUR. If you need help just ask. All chat is welcome, don't be a stranger. garuda
#git 121 See git for Git SCM support -- English General
#Help 90 freenode, IRC Related help freenode support
#Hogwarts Welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. fun
#linux 288 linux discussion and support linux
#nerds 242 Welcome to the nerd dungeon. Social chat for nerds. nerds
#networking 134 Computer and Network Security discussion channel General
#node.js 101 General
#python 161 Don't paste, use python | Tutorial: python tutorial python
#quassel 134 Quassel IRC Client :: Chat and Ask related questions and wait General
#raspberrypi 110 raspberrypi General
#security 101 Computer and Network Security security
#shotcastgui 172 General
#thelounge 171 General
#ubuntu 181 ubuntu/linux discussion and support Ubuntu
#weechat 73 Home of the freenode WeeChat IRC client community IRC Client
#znc 114 znc