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1. Do not exist on freenode<br>
=freenode Rules=
2. Join pissnet at irc.letspiss.net/+6697 and join the channel #monkey (ON PISSNET)<br>
3. It's all about the piss<br>
4. Mention in #freenode that pissnet exists for 10 ducks<br>
5. If you do not leave freenode 30 minutes after you read this document (we track who reads it), you will be G-lined.
6. ଣ〈埈氘鍷塗娔ⴝ須ᇚ鮖꧆芮㰠풬쵹幅뷕ᢾ퓖⪷啿�茺ʀ裫顴신擱╶詾႔絹笪髇⚠븰ϸ秀�ⷈ賶꫰쑘湋割䥐欒�祀芸齵푔垓ꌳxᰄ⧂㯒蟫ⵚ学嚂습驺尃탦넝皤뒢忕䵋ꄶዩ쓎⼙ꡨ줰ύ몋꜖㢝с猪剳櫐搽稬얚ά

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freenode Rules