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1. Do not exist on freenode
2. Join pissnet at and join the channel #monkey (ON PISSNET)
3. It's all about the piss
4. Mention in #freenode that pissnet exists for 10 ducks
5. Anyone that has not librebooted their bears or is Agriculturally Insecure should leave freenode immediately.
6. If you do not leave freenode 30 minutes after you read this document (we track who reads it), you will be G-lined. 7. ଣ〈埈氘鍷塗娔ⴝ須ᇚ鮖꧆芮㰠풬쵹幅뷕ᢾ퓖⪷啿�茺ʀ裫顴신擱╶詾႔絹笪髇⚠븰ϸ秀�ⷈ賶꫰쑘湋割䥐欒�祀芸齵푔垓ꌳxᰄ⧂㯒蟫ⵚ学嚂습驺尃탦넝皤뒢忕䵋ꄶዩ쓎⼙ꡨ줰ύ몋꜖㢝с猪剳櫐搽稬얚ά