freenode live!

freenode live is a community-focused live event designed to build and strengthen relationships between Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) developers and users. freenode live seeks to raise awareness of and promote FOSS alternatives to proprietary software. Facilitating face-to-face interaction, creative workshops, talks and think tanks, freenode live will bring developers and users together in a nurturing and dynamic environment stimulating the free exchange of ideas and information while fostering cross-project collaboration and dialogue for innovation.

Join prominent companies, leading open-source projects and academia to participate in discussion about the future of Free and Open-Source Software at freenode live.

Featuring collaborative coding and social events, talks from some of the brightest minds in FOSS and backing by some of the biggest players in the industry freenode live is a conference worth getting involved in. Plan an event, attend a workshop, work a booth, give a talk or just show up, we're about bringing people together and allowing them to build great, lasting and useful relationships, software and ideas and we'd like you to join us!

Keep an eye out for announcements from freenode as we finalise the details and open up registration! We hope to see you all at freenode live!