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I kind of knew that it would result in this as the last time we tried to decentralize freenode, they launched Libera and created a closed oligarchy [1] run by a small, closed group of people, after they attempted to destroy freenode [2] and boasted everywhere about it, while simultaneously e-mailing open source groups with falsehoods in order to convince them to go to their network.

freenode will continue to decentralize and be controlled by the people. However, we may need to revisit the allocations as we have not yet launched and coincidentally, the harassment, troll and spam campaign again on our network is back as well smh.

[1] https://old.freenode.net/static/files/on-freenode.pdf page 4

[2] https://old.freenode.net/static/img/fuchs-freenode-burn.png