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Welcome to #freenode!

#freenode is the main channel on freenode network. It is widely used by many people around the world.

#freenode Channel Rules

  • Speak English
  • No politics, religions, nazism, communism (this includes videos)
  • No spamming (websites, channels, or other IRC networks. There is a difference between spamming them and bringing them up in discussion).
  • No Doxxing (immediate akill/zline)
  • No bullying (this includes death threats of any kind)
  • No flooding
  • No racism
  • No pornography images
  • Do NOT PM/DM/message anyone without their permission
  • Do NOT bring in your bot without the prior consent of the channel owner

If someone is breaking these rules or bothering you, and no channel operator is available, please use your clients /ignore command. To see how simply type /help ignore. If you feel that using ignore does not help or if you need assistance with anything else you can reach out to a staff member.

Repeated rule breaking may result in a network ban.

Channel Operators ( @ )

  • }P{/Andrew
  • d/duck
  • eskimo
  • f
  • h/hack
  • koragg
  • Mahjong
  • poison
  • root
  • suntop
  • tjr

Half Operators ( % )

  • Abrax
  • Rhaegar
  • l0de
  • D3mon
  • tintle