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Welcome to #help

Welcome to Freenode's help channel. This is the channel you can get assistance with anything dealing with freenode or its services. If you need assistance with channel help please join ChanHelp

Channel Rules

  • Speak English
  • No politics, religions, nazism, communism (this includes videos)
  • No spamming (websites, channels, or other IRC networks. There is a difference between spamming them and bringing them up in discussion).
  • No Doxxing (immediate akill/zline)
  • No bullying (this includes death threats of any kind)
  • No flooding
  • No racism
  • No pornography images
  • Do NOT PM/DM/message anyone without their permission
  • NO outside bots

Finding Staff

Staff members will have @ in front of their nicknames. Please keep in mind that staff are volunteer users and aren't around 24/7. freenode volunteers that can assist with network questions can be found with % in front of their nicknames. Trusted users will have +.

Help registering Nick

NickServ allows you to register a nickname and prevent others from using it. The following commands allow for registration and maintenance of nicknames; to use them, type /msg NickServ command. For more information on a specific command, type /msg NickServ HELP command.