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#nerds channel rules

Welcome to #nerds

nerds is pylinked to several different networks. Channel is randomly active at various times of the day. A good sense humor is highly recommended as a lot of people here enjoy the use of sarcasm. Just because you see us joking around, does NOT mean we wont help you the best we can.


  • No Flooding. (A smaller ASCII image is okay but don't get excessive with it)
  • No drones or bots. (We have enough bots)
  • No discussion of hacking things. (Discussing security is okay, but if you sound like a kiddie or trying to do something kiddie, your visit is over)
  • No pornography images. (We aren't a porn channel)
  • No pedophilia of any kind. (Instant Ban)
  • Don't abuse the channel's bots, or try to exploit them. (Only SORCERER can make exceptions to this, ops must follow this rule also)
  • Don't ask for ops we have enough and don't need anymore.
  • No bullying or race discrimination. (Jokes are okay, there is a difference between jokes and bullying. N-word is definitely not allowed.)
  • Don't tell people to use google, actually help them or STFU.
  • Leave the drama out of the channel. Don't bring other channel drama into #nerds.
  • Do NOT PM/DM/message anyone without their permission. (Especially OPs aka the people in charge)