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Its me foxy.jpg

About Foxy

I am Foxy! I have been on IRC since 2014. I have been an oper/admin on several networks.

Name: Foxy
Location: USA
Local Time: CST- central standard time (Chicago)
Originating Networks: The first network I started out on was called FreshChat . I then moved on to networks like UnderNet and DalNet. I joined freenode in 2016. A month after joining freenode I eventually ended up on a network called EvilNet. About a year after joining EvilNet, I joined a network called Rizon. I am on many other networks besides the ones I have listed. One of my favorites is called Irc-Nerds

Main Channels

  • #freenode
  • #chat
  • #linux

Other NickNames

  • f
  • NotFoxy